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We can send and receive your wire in various type of currencies. Please advise ahead the type of currency you would like to receive or send so that our friendly staff can provide you with the best and efficient services.


Mor Trust Financial Services Corporation (MTFS)was established in 2008 and commenced business in 2009. MTFS is a money service business (MSB) that provides remittance services. Our services include inbound and outbound remittance, as well as related foreign exchange services (as a function of remittance transactions). MTFS does not conduct over the counter (cash to cash) foreign exchange transactions or any other type
of cash transaction. Our value proposition has 3 pillars:

  • Our customers are sensitive to the timing of their transactions, as these are often required to provide sustenance for family members or to settle real estate related transactions. Similarly, our customers are sensitive to the rates of exchange, seeking to maximize the value of their transactions as much as possible.
  • Many customers will “shop around” for beneficial rates of exchange, returning to the service provider that is able to best meet their needs. Over time, we believe that  our strong customer service model allows us to build excellent relationships with our customers based on trust and mutual respect.
  • Many of the customers that began using our services while “shopping around” for the best rates have become long term repeat customers, entrusting MTFS with their fund on a regular basis.

Fast, efficient settlement, Competitive rates of exchange, and Excellent customer service. - MTFS